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Radix Ironcore is a character in Tyranny.


A thin, stoic man, Radix is the eldest mage of the Earthshaker Guild and was the prime (and final) pupil of Cairn, the Archon of Stone. His honorary title is Mover of Mountains and beyond serving in the Iron Guard, he is also the second Master of the Earthshakers. Although he desired to study under Cairn full time, he was bestowed a position in the Iron Guard by Ashe himself - an honor not to be turned down lightly. Though neithern Cairn nor Ashe were easy teachers, Radix learned much under their tutelage, as he has a perfect mind for symbols and numbers and is a natural at the imitative work of spellcraft

When Cairn betrayed the Disfavored, Radix inherited the Guild as Master of the Earthshakers by virtue of being the Archon’s most powerful apprentice. While he has adapted and remained steadfast in his service to Ashe, Cairn’s betrayal has still tainted the Earthshakers’ name. A purge may be coming for the Earthshakers, especially since Radix seems preoccupied with continuing Cairn’s research. He knows why Cairn went against Kyros. The Archon discovered something special about the stone of the Tiers and Radix is keen to figure it out in spite of Ashe's orders.

While Radix is doing all he can to protect his Guild and survive the war, he wants nothing more than to continue whatever arcane research Cairn left unfinished. Even if it conflicts with Radix's mission in the Stone Sea to bolster the Howling Rock garrison and the Earthshakers protecting Cairn's remains.


Radix is the brother of Caedis and unlike his brother, he's calculating, logical, and most of all, cautious. Radix is twelve years Caedis' senior and the two lived apart for a time, as Radix left for Tortalus to study under Cairn before Caedis was born. That said, when they did get together, Radix enjoyed playing practical jokes on his younger sibling. Like burying him alive.


This character is involved in quests. The Tiers Will Shake
Carving the Path
Securing The Sea
In Pursuit of Cairn
Fortifying the Sea
The Conquest of Howling Rock