Plainsgate, is a land that was devastated by powerful magic during the war. The players initial choices in the game will have dramatic consequences over the amount of destruction that the town experiences. One of the outcomes shown thus far have the town a barren region constantly rocked by earthquakes. If the player makes different character creation choices the fighting in Plainsgate will be much more severe, and the land will be damaged by magic to the point where a portion of the town has actually crumbled into a chasm. In this scenario the town's name has been changed to Halfgate. Plainsgate used to be a flourishing farming community that bore crops and could feed thousands. Depending on the players choices that can be reversed.

Size and LayoutEdit


One of the important groups in the town is the Scarlet Chorus, another faction that works for Kyros. Much like the player they too dispense their version of justice and they are in the group in charge of the community. Depending on the players choices this group can have a friendly rivalry or an outright hostile attitude towards the player.


One of the important quests shown thus far involves a creature known as a beastman, half human tribal creatures. The town has captured one of these creatures and depending on the player's choices they will be tasked to settle the situation or outright kill the beastman. The town and the Scarlet Chorus wish to have the beastman killed, but the creature may know how to undue the magical damage that has afflicted the community.