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Phaedrus Ico.png
General data
RoleNew Game+ vendor
LocationDisfavored camp (Act I, outside camp perimeter)
Mountain Spire (Act II, if hired)
You have the air of one who has seen and experienced enough for multiple lifetimes... exactly the sort of person I seek! I carry a bevy of curiosities from across the Tiers - rare and exotic treasures only the seasoned traveler can truly appreciate.

Phaedrus is a character in Tyranny. He appears if New Game+ is selected.


A heavyset man draped in fine linens beckons you forward with an assured wave - an expression of curiosity on his face quickly blossoms into unrestrained excitement. "Finally, a customer worthy of my services!" His entire body perks up as he quickly scans the gear in your possession, nodding fervently in approval.


This character is a merchant. Sells: Greater and standard healing potions, sigils, camping supplies, and Spire supplies.
This character is a Spire recruit.

Can be hired to provide his wares at the Mountain Spire. Cost: Iron rings. One iron ring equals 100 bronze rings and 10 000 copper rings. 1