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Opportune Offensive is a side quest in Tyranny.


Chorus scouts have reported the Disfavored and Bronze Brotherhood are fighting each other in the wilderness not far from Lethian's Crossing. Splinter thinks this would be a good opportunity to strike a blow against the Disfavored while they're weakened and distracted. Kill the Lieutenant and her battalion (four Stone Shields, eight Crescent Runners, three Earthshakers, an Iron Walker, and the Lieutenant, an Iron Guard).


  • Head to Broken Plains Wilderness after talking to Splinter. You have three objectives:
    • Kill the Disfavored lieutenant.
    • Kill all Disfavored troops in the area. They are in two-man groups, spread across the area. The group to the south-west is the exception, as it has a total of six troops.
    • Conscript three Bronzemen to your cause (the survivors; this objective is optional, but having more bodies to throw at the enemy can't hurt).
  • The two goals against the legion are self-explanatory. The Bronzemen require a bit of a hassle:
    • The first one is skeptical about joining due to the absence of a contract and payment. You can intimidate him with Athletics 42 or use Subterfuge 42 to point out that the right of plunder more than makes up for what he loses.
    • The one to the northeast can be intimidated with Athletics 26 to enlist. The one in the south-west needs 47.
  • Return to Splinter. You can turn the sack in during dialogue, state that you refused to mutilate the enemy, or use Subterfuge 44 to lie that you left it in his tent. Either way, disposing of the troops is worth 1000 rings and recruitment another 2500, for a total of Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 35