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Name's Mua - been here since old King Occon claimed the valley as part of his own. You're with Kyros, right? And Kyros brings peace, right? Well I surrender, now leave me to my home and privacy."

Old Man Mua is a character in Tyranny.


An old man (thus the name) living in Echocall Village, ever since King Occon claimed it. He's endured decades of living here on his own, including heat waves, breath fever, flooding, resulting in a cranky old geezer who doesn't quite... Understand the situation he's in.


This character is involved in quests.

Forge-Bound Iron

This character has other interactions.

Mua refuses to budge on the prospect of leaving his home.


  • Forge-Bound Iron: As it turns out, the Old Man is hiding contraband - goods stolen from the Disfavored.

Other interactions[]

  • Old Man Mua refuses to vacate the soon-to-be-garrisoned-by-the-Chorus-and-you-do-not-want-to-be-there village. You have a couple of options at your disposal, including trying to reason, killing him (you monster), or just leaving the poor soul alone.