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New Game+ item import

Skill screen, allowing retraining and redistribution of skills

Conquest, with previous choices highlighted in blue

New Game+ is a special game mode added in patch, allowing you to start a new game using a Game Complete save as basis (these are generated automatically upon game's completion, ever since the game released).


  • Players may select up to 2 artifacts they gained renown for or non-artifact items dropped by Archons to bring from a previous playthrough. The number of items that can be imported increases by 1 for each subsequent New Game+ playthrough, up to a maximum of 9. Once an Item has been unlocked for a New Game+, it can be selected on future playthroughs of the same character without the need to reacquire it in that playthrough.
  • All character creation choices are preserved, together with attribute, experience, and talent points gained in the previous playthrough. These can be reassigned.
  • Conquest choices selected during the previous playthrough are highlighted to allow for easy repetition (or changing).
  • Two Faction reputation abilities can be imported from the previous playthrough. The number of abilities that can be imported increases by 1 for each subsequent playthrough.
    • Eligible abilities will have an orange border at the Reputation tab. Players have to select the abilities and then confirm the selection in order to unlock them.
  • A special merchant, Phaedrus, will appear in the outskirts of the Disfavored camp, offering unique items from previous playthroughs for sale. The merchant can also be hired at the Mountain Spire from Act 2 onwards.
  • Finally, all rings, cores, expressions, and accents transfer to the new playthrough. For this reason, it's worth to reload the last save before casting the Edict on the North or otherwise ending the game and empty your stash into a trader's pocket, giving you a nice chunk of change to work with.
  • The level cap for New Game+ characters has been raised to 99.
    • Enemies and (some) attribute checks scale accordingly.

Importable items[]

Weapons and shields
Azure Shield, Dauntless, Final Scream and Gentle Touch, Gravebow, Heart's Blood, Peacemaker, Snowfang, Staff of Hours, Sunlance, Tempest, Weeping Whispers
Binding of Shadows, Hierarch's Robes, Magebane Helm
Ashe's Favor, Steadfast Insignia, Scales of Mercy