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Mysterious device is a Spire upgrade in Tyranny.


The ancient device, perched atop the Mountain Spire in Vendrien's Well, is the product of a forgotten age. It is unclear what function it once had, or if it can be used again. Resting in any Spire grants a bonus to all skills.


The orb in the center of the resonator spins with the push of some unseen force. Where the structure once exuded warmth, now it gives off a ferocious heat that singes your face the longer you stare into it. A sound like music swarms in the air around the structure, but it's painful and disharmonious to your ears.

The umbilical between you and the resonator conducts the energy like a white-hot chain. It's feeding you something you hardly understand, and doubt you could contain. The pain is severe, like a ball of hot iron forming in your chest, and you know that it has to be released before it threatens to consume you.

  • The Resonator is actually an Edicts caster. Through it, you can reach out to all the places in The Tiers where the Edicts of Kyros aren't present and proclaim your own. Each Edict has the following effects:
Edict Power cost Party Effects Enemy Effects
Edict of Stone 500 -15 to all Magic Skills
+30 Control Stone
+20 Defense against Prone
-15 to all Magic Skills
+30 Control Stone
+20% Prone duration
Weakened Bane
Edict of Storms 500 +25 Control Lightning
-30 Control Fire
+5 Control Lightning
-30 Control Fire
+50% Shock damage taken
Edict of Fire 500 +15 magical skills

15 % cold damage to life

+5% potion effectiveness

+15 magical skills

Banes reinforced

-4 Celerity

Edict of Malediction 500 +15 to all skills

+10 % to hit precision

+10 % to graze precision

-15 to all skills

-10 % to hit deviation

-10 % to graze deviation

Edict of Nightfall 500 +20 subterfuge

+20% damage

-10 % perception distance

-20 accuracy