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Myrek is a character in Tyranny.


An apologist who is unfazed by the slaughter committed by Raetommon at Lethian's Crossing to obtain the Magebane. He's a loyalist, entrusted with the key to the Oldwalls at Twin Rivers.


This character is involved in quests.

The Bronze Thief
Artifact Hunter
On the Hunt
In the Shadow of the Oldwalls


  • The Bronze Thief: He's engaged in a tense standoff with Locke over Raetommon's actions. You have to kill both.
Anarchist, Scarlet Chorus, Rebels
  • Artifact Hunter, On the Hunt, In the Shadow of the Oldwalls: He and his opponent are confronted at the March. You can talk them down and convince them to follow your lead.
    • To convince Myrek to stand down, you must begin the conversation in a non-threatening manner, then:
      • snark that the Brotherhood must have a lot of traitors when Myrek claims that the executed Bronzemen were all traitors (Lore check);
      • mention how Raetommon have killed many of his own men at the Crossing (requires a Brotherhood garrison);
      • mention how unleashing the Bane has killed many Bronzemen (help out at Twin Rivers prior to the conversation)


Oldwalls Keystone