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Mountain Spire is a location in Tyranny. Note that this article concerns only this specific Spire. For a general overview of Spire functionality, see Spires of Terratus.


You blink away the last of the luminescent trails in your field of vision, the masonry of Ascension Hall is replaced with wide open space in every direction, save for the slab of ancient stone beneath your feet. High winds shove you, pushing you off-balance. The air is cool and thin - unsatisfying to your lungs.

Every way you look, mountains rise up along a distant horizon. The rivers and forest below bring to mind maps of Vendrien's Well, and you quickly trace the Matani, the Irenev, and all the numerous waterways of the region. Higher than you imagined it, this is indeed the pinnacle of the Spire at Vendrien's Well.


  • Mysterious Device is located in the center and serves to cast Edicts.
  • You can hire basic trainers to train some skills.
    • Note that increasing skill points via training is limited per character level; once you have reached the limit for the current character level, the character has to reach the next level before you can further increase skill points by training. This means that you have to choose between improving your stronger skills for more character experience to gain a level, or brushing up on your weaker skills.
  • Resting here gives a +5 bonus to all skills, with additional bonuses if you build additional Spire upgrades after unlocking other Spires.


You can have a maximum of 6 recruits at any time. Hiring costs are listed beside the names.


Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
The Mountain Spire.jpg The Mountain Spire Gain control of the Mountain Spire in Vendrien's Well.