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Run down the oathbreakers - let none escape!

Mocking Blaze is a character in Tyranny.


From the red mob of reinforcements from the south, a Blood Chanter emerges at the head of the rabble, the ornamental crest of her staff pulsing with crimson tones. Signing sigils of magic and wordlessly moving her mouth, the Blood Chanter scribes a series of spells into the air. A red glow surrounds the Vendrien Guard warriors as the Chanter's magic worms its way into their minds, blinding them with rage.


This character is involved in quests.

Welcome to Ruin


  • Mocking Blaze is encountered just as you run into Tarkis Demos. She provides battle support when dealing with the Vendrien troops and later asks you to determine the fate of the captured Vendrien renegade. Her next appearance is at Tunon's Court, as deputy to Blood Mulch.