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Matani Sybil is a character in Tyranny.


Matani is a veteran and a loyalist woman of the Kingdom of Apex, responsible in part for starting the insurgency in the first place. She belongs to the venerable House Matani, which controlled the crossings over the eponymous river for decades, until Kyros' invasion. She has a shrill soprano voice that's quite effective at commanding her soldiers - or perhaps it's her propensity for making rude gestures at anyone who tries to cross without the rebel blessing.


This character starts quests.

The Oathbreakers

This character is involved in quests. The Battle of Echocall Crossing
The Defense of Haven


  • The Battle of Echocall Crossing: Sybil is the primary opponent throughout the quest. She can be let go once defeated, killed for the Disfavored or fed to the Voices of Nerat.
  • If you complete the Battle of Echocall Crossing after completing Taking the Outer Valley, letting her go will trigger The Oathbreakers.
    • If you let her go and choose to side with the rebels, she will later become the head of the Lethian's Crossing garrison.
    • If you send her to Nerat, she will be found impaled on the spikes in his "throne room."
  • The Defense of Haven: Sybil heads the defense. You have to choose between saving her and Eldian.