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RoleBane caster

Malice is a character in Tyranny.


Malices are rarely seen - at least, not by those who lived to tell of the encounter. A Malice's touch can drain and corrupt the living, taking their strength to empower the Bane.


This character is a generic enemy.

As casters, they are incredibly dangerous on higher difficulty levels, as they're equipped with a host of powerful debuffs and spells dealing Raw damage, which can wear down even the most well equipped party. Your best bet is to keep them silenced and/or stunned. Also, note that Malices have +100% resistance to Frost and -100% resistance to Shock and continuously generate a Malice Aura, dealing 4-8 base raw damage in a 3m radius and will remove a random beneficial element from each member of your party in range.

Lantry is extremely useful in Stance: Mage Slayer and with a long range weapon, such as a javelin. With light armor and low recovery, he can keep multiple Malice Bane suppressed. The only thing you have to worry about is their powerful ranged attack, and their ability to consume lesser Bane to heal themselves.