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Making a Stand is a quest in Tyranny.


The Battle for Sentinel Stand has begun. Now that the Steadfast Insignia has been recovered, multiple armies have descended upon the Unbroken fortress to battle for control. Fight for control of the keep and put Straydus Herodin to rest to end the Edict of Storms.


Return to Sentinel Stand[]

You will arrive in Sentinel Stand, but from a different point of entry. The containers are re-locked and re-filled. To the west are embattled Earthshakers (fodder if you're not fighting for the Disfavored). Make your way to the central area, fight through the confrontation between Janos and Rumalan, all the way to the storm-blocked wall. You'll find your allies in the north-eastern corner of the map, generic characters or Jagged Remedy if you're working for the Chorus.

Fight to the inner keep[]

Once you arrive in Sentinel Stand, you will be confronted with several groups of Unbroken. Once these are disposed of, you find Disfavored soldiers waiting in front of the storm-blocked path. With the Steadfast Insignia, you can clear the way and enter the next zone - the inner keep.

Enter Sentinel Stand innerkeep[]

Once you reach the walls of the inner keep, you will meet the Tiersmen loyal to the regent, as they guard the gate. Once you start dialogue with them, the regent will interrupt you and a new dialogue will start. You cannot convince Straydus Herodin to give up, resulting in the gate closing and fighting the guards. Once the guards are defeated, you can open up the gate again with the mechanism to the left of the gate.

Pursue Straydus Herodin[]

Straydus Herodin will fall back; you will have to fight through several groups of enemies which are not too challenging. The path you have to take is through the pit in the center of the keep and up the stairs to the east of that pit. Once you are at the top of the stairs, you can enter the door.

Inside, you will find the head of your allied force in the Blade Grave (Jagged Remedy and Mattias for the Chorus, Dimitris for the Disfavored, Mattias for the Unbroken) talking with the regent. A new dialogue will trigger, in which you will have no choice but to fight with the regent. Once he is defeated, Amelia (Ashe's daughter) will enter; she is now allied with the Tiersmen and will try to convince you to stop. You have no choice but to kill the regent. She will leave the room and you can kill the regent in whichever way you like.

However, this does not end the Edict.

(Chorus only) Send Amelia to Nerat[]

If you are allied to the Chorus, then Amelia will be sent to Voices of Nerat. Sirin will gain major fear if present, as you will be asked to persuade Amelia to meet with Nerat. Subterfuge and the Diplomat background are most helpful. If you are successful without killing her, Voices of Nerat will gain major Favor. Note that the Edict of Storms cannot be ended on a Chorus run.

End the Edict of Storms[]

Follow Amelia and you will find out that she had a child with the regent's son. Now, you have a choice. You can either kill both Amelia and the child, ending the quest and the Edict; while Graven Ashe will be mad, he will still forgive you. This option will cost you standing with both the Disfavoured and Graven Ashe. However, the companions won't mind if you smother the baby. Even Eb will state that the real crime was bringing her into the world, knowing the conditions of the Edict. Forcing companions to do it, however, will gain major Fear with each.

Or you can try to find another way. Note that in order to accomplish all of this, you must ask Amelia to calm down first, rather than imply in any way that you want to kill her child (strange how mothers are, eh?).


  • If you return to Graven Ashe, this will hurt your standing with him, and he will ask you to kill her regardless. If you keep insisting you want to save Amelia and the child, he will give in, and allow you to go to the Burning Library if you also do some work for him there (you want The First Kings of Stalwart, which contains the pertinent information). The Burning Library is also one of the choices to siege in the next part of the Disfavored quest line.
  • Alternatively, go to Fatebinder Calio and ask her about Unbroken bloodlines. She will provide you with the precise form for Amelia to speak to sever the bloodline.
  • This can be skipped if the Player has high enough lore skill (62 Lore skill), allowing Amelia to abdicate her daughter's claim.

Rebel and Anarchist[]

  • The Edict can be ended without fanfare, as you're not on speaking terms with Ashe.