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For the helmet, see Magebane Helm

Very little is known about the Magebane. They are savage, vicious creatures that attack humans and Beasts on sight. While normal humans can sometimes escape a Bane attack, they will pursue a mage or a Beast to the edges of Terratus.


Little is known about the Bane, as few are strong – or lucky – enough to survive an encounter with them. The Sages of the School of Ink and Quill know that these creatures are a mix of the arcane and the mundane – capable of both physical and magical attacks. Accounts from survivors of Bane attacks say that they first attack any mages or fighters wielding weapons and armor imbued with magic. The Sages speculate that the Bane somehow need magical energy to survive – feeding off of the life force of spellcasters. This belief has given these creatures their name – the Magebane, though it is often shortened to ‘Bane’.

Though Bane can be found throughout Terratus, they are most commonly located near the Oldwalls and Spires. Something about these ancient structures draws the Bane near. Many historians believe that, rather than any property inherent to their nature, it is the presence of the Bane that gave these structures their reputation for being unlucky. Regardless of the cause, Kyros’ law forbids any from entering the Oldwalls. Given what lurks inside, most believe this law entirely unnecessary for only the mad or suicidal would willingly enter.


In the second century of Kyros’ rule, Fatebinder Andros compiled stories from survivors of Bane attacks looking for clues that could aid the Overlord’s forces in surviving their encounters with these creatures. From these stories, he created broad classifications for the Bane. None know how complete or accurate this classification is:

  • Wisps: The weakest form of Bane, their form more diffuse than other types. Wisps are slow-moving, making them the easiest of the Bane to outrun. While a single Wisp can be defeated easily by a trained soldier, they are rarely found alone. Where a Wisp is found, the Scourge and Malice are not far behind.
    • Wisps are immune to shock damage, but weak to fire.
  • Scourge: The most common – and aggressive – form of Bane is the Scourge. These vicious creatures travel in swarms, surrounding their prey with whirlwinds of tearing claws. Entire villages have been wiped out by a single pack of Scourge.
    • Scourges are immune to fire damage, but weak to frost.
  • Malice: Rarely seen – at least, not by those who lived to tell of the encounter. A Malice’s touch can drain and corrupt the living, taking their strength to empower the Bane.
    • Malices are immune to frost damage, but weak to shock.
  • Havoc: Legends tell of an incredibly powerful form of Bane known only as the Havoc. There are no recorded sightings of a Havoc in recent centuries, so little is known of their abilities. Legends and campfire stories say that if a Havoc is seen, kill any other Bane present to deny the Havoc strength. No one knows why this advice has survived for centuries.

Notre that all Bane are immune to Prone and Bleeding.