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Livia is a character in Tyranny. She only appears if the Crossing is entered without slaughtering the Disfavored garrison.


A disgraced soldier of the Disfavored, currently arguing with Tarquin whether the fact he used a dead comrade to hide from the attackers is worse than her fleeing the battlefield.


This character has other interactions.

This character offers an adjudication opportunity.

Fatebinder Time[]

  • The situation is rather ridiculous. The two soldiers appear after the attack on Lethian's Crossing and argue that they should be punished for cowardice and a variety of other transgressions during the siege, describing ever more elaborate scenarios that contribute to their shame.
    • You can rule in either's favor and have them become the penitent.
    • Declare that their crimes are irrelevant and don't qualify for punishment by the military authorities, but rather that they should atone on their own terms.
    • Or have them fight a duel to determine who has the most shame - the winner being the most shameful.
  • Bring Lantry and Sirin along. Just, do.