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Library Looter is a random encounter in Tales from the Tiers.





A full-figured woman in a grime smudged smock beckons to you as your paths cross near the ruins of a nameless town in the crack stones of old Azure. She waves excitedly, almost bouncing from foot to foot. "You," she cries out, "look like a traveler of MEANS!" Her voice echoes down the abyssal crevasse between you.

Approach her.

Avoid her.

You pass without much interaction, brushing aside her attempts to converse. As you walk away, she continues in the opposite direction, gaze downcast.

Olive eyes peer at you above a button nose and dimpled cheeks as she excitedly informs you of the rare and potent secret texts she has on offer... for a price.

Peruse her wares.

Interrogate her.

Convict her.

Leave her.

She claps her hands together excitedly and begins to rattle off the sundry scrolls she's collected.

You ask her how she came by such secrets, and she admits that she

To conversation.

You immediately inform her that she's in violation of the Overlord's provisions against the possession of forbidden knowledge. She begins to stammer an excuse, but you see her fingers forming practiced sigils.

Execute her.

Spare her.

You lash out at her before she has an opportunity to finish her spell. The first blow ruins her hands, and she screams, holding the mangled appendages to her chest. Your second strike ends her life. You rifle through her robes, discovering a small bundle of parchment. It's possible the magician had more cached away nearby, but if there's any truth to that supposition, it died with her.

You assure her that she's in no danger from you, despite your pronouncement, and she calms, hands still free to form spells if the need arises.

Leave her.

She thanks you for your clemency and offers a few dusty and weathered scrolls for your mercy.