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Lady Ada Lucretius
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LocationTunon's Court
I'm the daughter of a noble house. We were wealthy enough to live in the city, but our means beyond that were limited. My mother dealt in fish, textiles, and bronze. By the time I inherited, the business was taking care of itself.

Lady Ada Lucretius is a character in Tyranny.


This well-dressed, older woman stands apart from the milling crowds of nobles. She stares off into the distance, oblivious to your approach until you're right in front of her. She came to Tunon's Court to settle a grievance, as Tunon's judgement proclaimed over the city razed her home, Thistlehome, to the ground. Her first appeal resulted in her being given compensation (rings) and a new plot of land outside city limits.


This character has other interactions.

Provides an opportunity for investigating the particulars of Kyros' justice.

Other interactions[]

  • Ada Lucretius provides insight into the justice passed by Tunon on the Bastard City and an opportunity to show your kinder side (or, with Subterfuge 40 extort her for rings, as you bait her into doubting the Overlord or Tunon).