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Kosma is a character in Tyranny.


A cheery merchant providing for the Scarlet Chorus at Edgering Ruins.


This character is a merchant. Sells: Low-level wares.

Other interactions[]

  • A small-time merchant supplying the Chorus. She is illiterate, and an unscrupulous creature, such as your Fatebinder, can exploit that:
    • By twisting the interpretation of the trade rights (you can mention that they only apply in wartime and the armies certainly aren't warring), you have the following options:
      • Accept a bribe from Kosma.
      • Reject the bribe from Kosma but asking for a friend's (20%) discount (and bonus to profit from sold goods) and gain a little favor with the Scarlet Chorus.
      • Say it was a joke and gain minor favor with the Scarlet Chorus.
    • You can outright lie about her trade rights, extort her for items, and then choose if you want to further modify the trade rights for her benefit or ruin.
      • By lying about her trade rights, you can extort her for:
      • After you "fix the lettering" of her trade rights, she thanks you and offer you a friend's (only 10%) discount (and bonus to profit from sold goods).