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Iron and Blood is a quest in Tyranny.


The Bronze Brotherhood are raiding Lethian's Crossing. Help protect the settlement and kill the commander responsible for this raid.


  • Straightforward (if you remain loyal to the Disfavored). Sweep through the Crossing and kill the Bronze Brotherhood members. There are two groups in each district, for a total of about 12 fighters (excluding the ones who attack you at the exit from the Oldwalls). Saber, the commander on the attack, is in the Moonrise district, ground level.
    • You can Betray Alliance when the Disfavored member approaches you for help.
  • After disposing of them, go to Eldian's House to check on Eldian. You'll see Raetommon flee. With Athletics 55 you can throw a rock at him. Otherwise, make a rude gesture or glare silently.
  • Give chase. You'll find him holding Zdenya hostage. He'll flee, using his men to delay you. Go back to Eldian again. He will mention that you can reach Raetommon at the Twin Rivers, unlocking the location.
    • Note that completing this quest while remaining with the Disfavored unlocks Remnants and the adjudication opportunity involving Tarquin and Livia.