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Iron Marshal Erenyos is the second in command of Graven Ashe and the head logistician of the Disfavored in Tyranny.


The Iron Marshal Erenyos is first among equals in the Iron Guard, Graven Ashe's inner circle of trusted followers. Charged with the duties of leadership, logistics, and training, there is rarely a quiet day for the second in command of the Disfavored legion. However difficult, Erenyos is an expert logistician and leader, capable of juggling the needs of thousands of soldiers spread across a continent. Notably, she does so without taking notes or even sleeping much.

Although Erenyos is the youngest member of the Iron Guard, few make the mistake of underestimating her. Her skill in administration and management is matched by her skill with a blade. She is also the youngest Iron Walker of the legion, wearing a refitted suit of plate mail and shield taken from her father after she slew him in single combat during a tourney. It was an accepted method of family succession in her circles. The moment when she took her father down was the proudest moment in her life and evidence that the art of swordplay was as strong in their family as ever.


This character allows free resting.
This character starts quests.

The Battle of Echocall Crossing

This character is involved in quests. Earthshaker Reinforcements
Assault on the Citadel
Standing Tall
The Oathbreakers


Other interactions[]

  • Erenyos is encountered as she witnesses the discussion between the Archons. She later issues quests that focus on setting the Disfavored up for the attack on the Citadel. Once the attack happens and you side with the Disfavored, she is witnessed speaking to the troops.
  • Erenyos will also remark on the Fatebinder's conduct during the Conquest, for example, if during Year 1 you decided to allow the Disfavored to sack merchant caravans to support themselves.


Behind the scenes[]

  • In script comments, Erenyos is repeatedly referred to as Grandma.