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Iron Hearth is a location in Tyranny.


This massive fortress is perched atop the edge of a Tier that helps form the Blade Grave's northern border. Graven Ashe took the ancient castle during the Conquest, and now launches all Disfavored operations from this well-defended location.

Points of interest[]

Disfavored path
  • Right as you exit the trail leading to the Iron Hearth, you will run into Alphonsa arguing with Halfways-Dead.
  • Right next to them is Acalos, starting the Broken Spear quest.
  • In the center, near the stalls, is a tent you can use to rest for free.
  • On the opposite side of the entrance to the inner courtyard is another hidden container with some Spire resources. A little further is Osmia.
Non-Disfavored paths
  • Your only purpose here is to kill Ashe (and at least the Disfavored leading up to him). That, or to loot the area without fighting him (and then condemning him in Final Judgment).


Adjudication opportunities