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Into the Maelstrom is a quest in Tyranny.


The War of the Archons has begun. Support Graven Ashe's initial attempts to pacify the Tiers.


  • The Disfavored general has regrouped his forces at the mountain fortress of Iron Hearth. Travel there to discuss the Archon of War's next move.
  • Graven Ashe wants to pacify the Blade Grave and establish it as a reliable base of operations. To do this, you must find and kill Straydus Herodin, the last living Unbroken Regent, to end Kyros' storms. To begin, find a way to enter Sentinel Stand Keep.
  • Head to the Sentinel Stand. Talk to Rativek, then follow him up the ramp. Fight off the Bane.
  • Approach Janos up on the battlements and question him. After he mocks you (if you support Kyros), he will disappear into the fog. Investigate the Disfavored corpse on the battlements to find Amelia's Battle Standard.
  • Barik will pipe up, unlocking Duskwatch on the world map. It turns out that A soldier by the name of Callias is being held by the Unbroken at Duskwatch Fort. He may know if Amelia is alive and if there is a way inside Sentinel Stand Keep. Travel there to speak with the Disfavored commander, Osmios.


  • Head up the path to meet a Crescent Runner of the Disfavored. He will direct you east to Commander Osmios. Talk to him. You'll learn that Osmios is out of commission together with his troops. You will be asked to infiltrate the fort and free Callias from their clutches.
  • You'll automatically rest until nightfall. Sneak into Duskwatch to free Callias. Entering the fort can be a challenge.
    • With Athletics 40, you can knock down the eastern wall. This is actually the stealthy option.
    • At the north-eastern tip, you can use Athletics 36 to jump over the fence, right into the middle of an Unbroken tea party.
    • Subterfuge 45 allows you to crawl under the fence in the northern part of the fort, into the archery range and straight into combat.
  • The fort is crawling with Unbroken troops. A cheap way to draw them out is to attack enemy troops through openings in the walls and firing ports, allowing you to cheese them out one by one.
  • Find Callias in the pen to the northwest. He will panic the moment he's released (fearing a trick from the Unbroken). You can use Athletics 45 to punch him, Lore 40 to salute him, or try to snap him out of it. Or just glare silently.
  • He will ask you to open the gate and let the reinforcements in. Do so. Wipe out all the Unbroken in the fort.
  • Talk to Callias with Osmios by your side. You can ask if he's well This decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png and then interrogate him. Don't accuse him and he'll be very forthcoming. He'll reveal that Amelia was, in fact, taken captive, and that the Unbroken plan to break into Sentinel Stand by using an artifact.
  • Return to Iron Hearth and report to Ashe. Tell him all you've learned and you'll complete the quest.