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In Chains is a side quest in Tyranny. It is essentially another version of the quest Return to the Wild.


You have learned that a Beastman called Left-Claw is being held in Plainsgate/Halfgate on suspicion of killing humans. As a Fatebinder, it is up to you to weigh the evidence of this alleged crime and either condemn the Beastman to death or convince the settlers to set him free. If you speak to all of the villagers about the beast and release the captives during Search and Rescue, you can free him without gaining wrath.


  • If you're working for the Chorus, Rancor gives you the quest and asks you to conscript the Beast for the Chorus.
  • The resolution of the quest is, generally, at your discretion. However:
    • The only evidence that Left-Claw killed the scavengers is the fact he was covered in blood and dragged in by the Chorus after being found in a trap.
    • On the other hand, beyond the presumption of innocence, Left-Claw belongs to the Stonestalker Tribe, which does not eat humans. Kills-in-Shadow confirms this, and the scavengers presumed eaten are actually in the hands of the tribe at Stone Down Gorge.
  • Make a decision. Freeing Left-Claw will earn a favor from the Stonestalker Tribe This decision incurs wrathSymbol tunon.png. Killing him is murdering an innocent, but feeds the Archon of Justice's prejudice.This decision grants FavorSymbol tunon.png You can then conscript him for the Chorus.
    • Alternatively, you can skip the trial entirely by completing Search and Rescue (if you're in Halfgate), and then free Left-Claw without conducting a trial. This allows you to avoid gaining Wrath with Tunon and even allows you to gain Favor with the Stone Sea Villagers (by promising that you will find another way to serve the locals' interests). If you're in Plainsgate, you can just free Left-Claw.
  • Kills-in-Shadow will like freeing him.