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Howling Rock is a location in Tyranny. It is unlocked by completing Carving the Path (Disfavored path), Fangs and Fury (Scarlet Chorus path), Forging The Way (Rebels path), or At Any Cost and returning to Hundred-Blood (anarchist).


Once a fertile swath of farmland, Howling Rock, as the Stonestalkers took to calling it, is now a precipitous stretch of craggy peaks and bluffs that roils with the cries of a slowly dying Archon.

Points of interest[]

  • Head along the path and witness the remains of Cairn. You can harvest azurelith here and grab Herbalist's Mits from the locked chest just next to it.
  • Head east along the path to get to a location where you can climb down. Eventually, you'll come to the entrance to Howling Rock fort. An Earthshaker will challenge you. If you learnt the Sigil of Forgotten Name from Radix, she will let you pass. Caedis and Radix will catch up with you if you follow the Disfavored path and enter the fort.
  • To the south-east is Caestus, the local merchant.
  • With 63 and 54 Athletics (in that order), you can climb the cliffs to the north-east, starting near the eastern exit point to reach a small camp. The hidden pack has a Sigil of Bounding Bolts scroll.
  • If you didn't visit the Stone Sea in Act II (only possible in the Rebel path), and came to Howling Rock only to unlock the Dawning Spire in Act III, the area will be littered with Disfavored and Chorus corpses, with Cairn still alive and the Edict intact.