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Havoc is a character in Tyranny.


Legends tell of an incredibly powerful form of Bane known only as the Havoc. There are no recorded sightings of a Havoc in recent centuries, so little is known of their abilities. These stories say that if a Havoc is seen, kill any other Bane present to deny the Havoc strength. No one knows why this advice has survived for centuries.


This character is involved in quests. A Breach Between Worlds
Forbidden Passage
Finding a Madman
Crossing the Oldwalls
Finders Keepers
The Culling Dance


  • Havocs are incredibly powerful, not least because they are capable of consuming other Bane to instantly recover health. The best way to counter it is to focus on drawing it away from nearby Bane and then keep it stunned and dazed to reduce its debuff abilities. Keeping them Silenced is also a very good way to keep them off your back.
  • Havocs drops a random magical item upon expiration and a random Spire recipe.