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Haven is a major region in The Tiers.


The Ladies and Lords of the coastal realm of Haven are known to spend as much energy fighting each other as they do the other realms. In recent generations, many of the coastal cities rebelled and became known as the Free Cities, lawless dots along the coast. The majority of the realm’s political and economic might resided within them, and by the time of Kyros’ conquest of the Tiers, all major coastal powers had declared independence. This left Haven with an ambiguous ruling structure (a loose alliance of allied noble houses) that could not simultaneously weather political infighting and armed conflict. Despite that, Haven rules the western seas through a combination of naval power and mystical aid from the School of Tides, much to the chagrin of neighboring Stalwart[1].

As such, while the Realm of Haven was one of the four major nations of the Younger Realms prior to the Overlord's conquest, it was also the weakest of the four. Haven fell easily to Kyros' armies early in the year 429 TR. In the years after occupation, Haven became known for the large deposits of iron in its hills and rivers, making it the most strategically valuable locations in Kyros' empire. This deposit is the largest yet discovered - moreso since the Tanavon Mines were destroyed by the Overlord's Edict in 428 TR.[2]

Fatebinder Nunoval was responsible for shutting down a potential rebellion in 431 TR, when House Duccenius fled to Ardent, attempting to incite an insurrection.[3]