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The Wiki glares at you silently.

Glaring silently is one of the most fundamental gameplay elements in Tyranny. As the Fatebinder, you can respond to the chaos with a withering stare, capable of wearing down the fiercest of opponents.

Usage[edit | edit source]


  • Fine. Glaring silently is a common dialogue option, allowing you to maintain impartiality in the face of insanity. It's usually coded as a neutral option that doesn't add Loyalty, Fear, Favor, or Wrath with factions and characters. However:
    • Glaring at Lantry frequently adds to his Fear, especially if he's interviewing you after breaking Edicts. Verse isn't big on glaring either, but Eb is amused - and will eventually try to replicate your method of intimidation.
  • Using it frequently will cause Tunon to ask you about your choice of silence during Final Judgment.
    • "In my dispensation of justice, I find it most useful to let others do the talking while I observe and allow them to incriminate themselves." → "That is... a better justification than I had suspected. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity."
    • "I'm the strong, quiet type." → "Do you think that humor will spare you my justice, Fatebinder? I think not."
    • [Say nothing.] → "I don't know why I expected any different."
  • Besides glaring, you sometimes have the option to just "remain" silent.
Tyranny Portraits 362960 20161208150545 1.png Ever since you arrived at the Tiers, you have proven stubbornly tight-lipped. Your speech is often stilled as if by some great terror or apprehension. Can you even answer for this anomaly, or are you too simple to manage it?
~ Tunon