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Fifth Eye is a character in Tyranny.


Armored retainer to the Voices of Nerat, possessed of an unsettling tenor. He is a Crimson Spear of the highest ranking and doubles as the Chorus' expert interrogator. It is possible that he simply asks them questions in his usual high-pitched squeal and they break when they can withstand it no longer. Or maybe they find the burlap mask he wears under the Crimson Spear helmet unsettling, with eyes woven on it. Fifth Eye doesn't need his regular eyesight interfering with his supernatural vision, granted to him by the Voices of Nerat when he became one of his Eyes, scryers capable of reading the minds of those around them much like Nerat does.

Of course, nothing comes free. Fifth Eye was once a mage of the School of Wild Wrath. After their surrender, he submitted his knowledge to Nerat apparently of his own, free will. In return, the Archon of Secrets scooped out the fire mage's mind, turning him into a puppet of his own devising. Just how much, if anything, of the original mage remains is unknown. Nobody is really willing to check, but Verse recounts an instance of watching Nerat "operate" on Fifth Eye. Amidst screams of "Redundancies! Redundancies!", blood was spraying on the canvas walls of the tent. Just what Nerat considers a redundancy is unclear.


This character allows free resting.
This character is involved in quests.

The Conqueror's Will
Taking the Outer Valley
Assault on the Citadel
The Oathbreakers

Other interactions[]

  • Fifth Eye appears accompanying the Voices of Nerat at the Disfavored camp. He is then encountered at the camp and serves as the quest giver for the Chorus. Notably, the Binder can request to be compensated for their effort. Fifth Eye will laugh, but recognize the worth of an expert. You can ask for:
    • Increased reputation with the Chorus (Fifth Eye throws in a boost to your reputation with Tunon as well; this is by far the best option).
    • 1000 rings ( Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 10 ).
    • Sigil of Blood Magic (must be claimed later in Act II at Tunon's Court)
  • If you side with the Chorus rather than the Disfavored at Ashe's camp, Fifth Eye will welcome you and narrate what happened while you were knocked out (Barik carried you out after Verse refused to cooperate).