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You can think of that kind of as like Judge Dredd, where you get to come in and bring your own brand of justice to the land. We're a Fatebinder, and with that are certain responsibilities. We need to be resolving disputes between the armies and people within this world, that's kind of a responsibility of ours.
~ Matthew Singh, Lead Producer

A Fatebinder is the judge and executioner of Kyros’ law, acting under the watchful eye of the Overlord's Archon of Justice, Tunon the Adjudicator. Words of a Fatebinder shape the lives of thousands and may justice inspire loyalty... or fear and cruelty. A Fatebinder’s word is law, and they decide the fate of the Tiers. Even the smallest of choices shape the land and its people. Tasked with making decisions that truly matter to the Tiers and to the factions of Kyros’ army, you will develop a reputation based upon your deeds—and you will find the world a drastically changed place each time you play Tyranny.


The Fatebinders are a relatively young order, created two centuries before the present day to aid Tunon in adjudication.[1]


The Fatebinders serve a key role in Kyros’ vast Empire. While the Overlord’s rule is absolute, the Empire is too large for Kyros to directly control everyone. Instead, Kyros grants authority over different parts of the Empire to the Archons. Some Archons are governors of provinces or military districts, others control important groups like armies, mage guilds, or specialized agents like the Fatebinders.

Each Archon is granted limited autonomy over their area of control. As long as they serve Kyros’ goals and do not break any of the Overlord’s laws, Kyros permits the Archons to rule their armies and provinces in a manner of their choosing. Because of this, the Archons and the groups they control will often clash with one another. The Fatebinders were created by Tunon the Adjudicator, Archon of Justice, to solve these problems.

As a Fatebinder and servant of Tunon, it is your duty to resolve disputes that arise between the different armies and mage guilds. You decide whose actions are best in line with Kyros’ laws, mediate where you can, and order punishments – and executions – where required. Any citizen in Kyros’ Empire can appeal to a Fatebinder for judgment, even if their problem doesn’t involve a dispute between factions. Doing so is dangerous, as a Fatebinder’s judgments cannot be appealed and some Binders deal harshly with those who bother them for trivial complaints.


The Fatebinders take a similar approach to your old Seven Trees Guild: They adopt any scrap of magic that they can to make our work easier. Other guilds, the Blood Chanters, for instance, sacrifice that flexibility for specialization.[2]



  1. Nunoval: ""We are a relatively young order, though we have spanned these past two centuries. While the Voices of Nerat and Graven Ashe need armies to execute their will, Tunon wields but a modest court of vassals. We exist as the extension of his law. There is no place in all of Terratus beyond our judgment.""
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