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Fatebinder Rhogalus
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General data
RoleFatebinder of Lore
LocationTunon's Court

Rhogalus is the Fatebinder of Lore and a character in Tyranny.


The Fatebinder is a tall man with slumped shoulders and a hawkish nose, with eyes tired from scanning hundreds of manuscript pages. Rhogalus was a ward of the Court for as long as he's been aware, Rhogalus demonstrated wholly perfect recall as a child, and absorbed all that Tunon and his tutors had to offer. In fact, he remembers hating all the lectures. Rhogalus isn't big on contact with other people, but he serves the Court to the best of his ability. His specialty is knowledge and wisdom.

Notably, Eb met Fatebinder Rhogalus ten years before the conquest, in Ardent. In hindsight, it's plain he was there in preparation for the invasion.


This character is involved in quests.

Final Judgment

This character has other interactions.

If you didn't choose the Vellum Citadel as your Year Three posting, Rhogalus is responsible for casting the Edict of Fire on the Citadel.