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Fatebinder Calio
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General data
RoleFatebinder of Balance
LocationTunon's Court

Fatebinder Calio is a character in Tyranny.


Calio, Fatebinder of Balance. Though she outranks all but Tunon himself, Calio's role is an unusual one - she is to investigate flaws in the actions of Tunon's agents and provide advocacy to those she believes are judged unfairly. Put another way, she is a check and balance to Tunon - the one Fatebinder expected to be argumentative, insubordinate. It is Calio's job to spy on other Fatebinders and cull the bad apples from the harvest - and she is often called upon to teach new Fatebinders the skills of stealth, subterfuge, and assassination.


This character starts quests.

Final Judgment

This character has other interactions.

Responsible for proclaiming the Edict of Stone on Azure and destroying Cairn (if you didn't do it)


  • Final Judgment: Calio arrives at your Spire to investigate the Edict casting and deliver you news from the Empire and Tunon's court. She informs you that the Overlord declared you the newest Archon, pitting you against the other Archons in the Tiers. She also summons you to court to stand judgment before Tunon. You can try and have her proclaim an Edict of yours, to see if it works. It doesn't. Either way, Calio is enthralled by your behavior and promises a date, should you survive. Of course, her reaction depends on your standing with Tunon.