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Fangs and Fury is a quest in Tyranny.


A sect of Earthshakers are currently clashing with the Stonestalker Beastmen at Gulfglow. Hundred-Blood has asked you to resolve the dispute.


  • Travel to Gulfglow Oldwalls and find out what happened to the group sent to harvest the crystals. Talk to Lycon and Basilon.
  • The group of Earthshakers are in a standoff with a band of Beastmen from the Stonestalker tribe. Assist the Earthshakers and kill or negotiate with the Beastmen at Gulfglow and inside the Gulfglow Spire. Red-Fang is your point of contact. You can always indulge your pure Chorus side and immediately slit Basilon's throat.
  • Approach the entrance to the Spire. You can get through the beasts by snarling at them. Enter and talk to Red-Fang.
    • As usual, slaughter is a very viable approach to resolving the situation. Kill Red-Fang and then every Beast outside the Oldwalls as well. If you intend to betray the Chorus and go Anarchist, this is the safer choice as the Azure Shield is one of the artifacts required.
    • Or you can try the peaceful solution. Talk to her and express a desire for a peaceful solution, then agree to undergo the Rite of Savagery and Stone. Head outside to the central plateau and defeat all three Beastmen (Corpse-Eater, Dark-Foot, and Crimson-Stone). Blood-Rock presides over the test and will refer you to the Alpha once it's complete.
      • Return to Red-Fang and talk to her. You can either agree to get rid of the Earthshakers wholesale or persuade her to let them leave with what they've already harvested (by mentioning backing out or baring fangs and growling This decision grants FavorSymbol stonestalker.png,This decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png). She will also give you the Mark of the Tribe.
  • Return to Basilon. He'll be happy either way if alive and give you the Shard of Pure Azurelith necessary to enter the camp at Howling Rock.
  • Return to Hundred-Blood. She will thank you for dealing with the pests and open Howling Rock. At this point, you can ask her either to send two Stonestalkers to the Chorus or meet with Voices of Nerat. You can warn her about Nerat for a quick reputation boost.