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Extinguishing the Flames is a quest in Tyranny.


Graven Ashe wants you to finish what was started during Kyros' conquest of the Tiers and destroy the Burning Library once and for all, denying the Scarlet Chorus the library's forbidden knowledge.

Maric leads a group of Disfavored Oath Bound in the Burning Library and may be able to help you, though Ashe lost contact with him in recent weeks. Travel to Maric's last known location at Effigy and gain his assistance, if possible.


  • Head to Effigy. Maric is nowhere to be seen. Instead, you'll find Renata. As a Disfavored ally, no matter what you say, you need to put her down. Find Maric on top of the building to the west and free him (or kill to start the Anarchist path).
  • Head to the Burning Library. Talk to The Censor, then attack. She will flee, leaving you to deal with the chaff outside. The Athletics 46 option allows you to scare the Blood Chanter into fleeing.
  • Enter the Library and make your way through it. The first barrier requires the incomplete passcode, found on a shelf near the dying Sage. Move deeper into the ruination, dispatching Fat Ulsten, Gaptooth, and Numbly as you see fit.
  • To reach the lower floor, use the rope and pulley. Assemble the passcode:
    • Upper ruins, on a shelf near the fissure.
    • Lower ruins, on the shelves to the northeast, near the Sage's statue.
    • Lower ruins, on the shelves to the south-west, near the Scourge.
    • Upper ruins revisited, on the shelves to the north-east.
  • Use the pulley in the revisited part of the upper ruin to reach the access area. Activate the runes in the following order (after dispatching whatever gang boss you didn't eliminate earlier): ↑ ↓ ← → (Sigils of Vigor, Fire, Force, Stone).
  • Head down to the Silent Archive. Follow the path to the little island, then confront the Censor. Kill her.
  • Ascend the island and interact with the Archive. You can:
    • Throw the Archive into the lava, destroying a century of work and the collected knowledge of the Citadel, but ending the Edict of Fire. (Major: This decision incurs WrathSymbol binders.png)
    • Grab the Archive and run, ending the Edict of Fire and destroying the Burning Library. (Major: This decision incurs WrathSymbol binders.png)
    • Note that the option to swap an artifact for the Archive is not available.
  • Return to Graven Ashe.