Tyranny Wiki

Enhancement Sigils are Accent Sigils which add a secondary gameplay effect to the spell. Each of these is its own unique effect, rather than ramping intensity of the same effect. They allow you to eg. combine multiple sigils, modify the targets affected, and so on and so forth.

List of enhancement sigils[]

Accent Effect Lore Cost
Adds a Bleeding affliction to target for 10s 25
+30% Damage
Deals at minimum 15 Raw damage to caster
Adds the Dazed Affliction to target for 10s 25
-15% Critical Hit Damage for duration of spell 25
+50% Projectiles
-50% Area of Effect
Adds Fire/Frost damage and Magefire/Frozen afflictions to spell 35
Adds a knockback effect (4m Push) to the spell 15
Up to 50 additional damage to wounded enemies 25
Adds the Marked Affliction to target for 20s 25
Stasis Shield effect on target for 12s 25
Sigil of Distant Impact spells travel through their targets in a piercing line 30
Spell only affects the player character
+50% spell effects
No Recovery time for the spell 25
Adds the Rooted Affliction to target for 12s 25
Spell only affects other party members
+50% spell effects
-10% Recovery time (global) for 6s 30
Adds the Stunned Affliction 25
Adds Fire damage fired in a line 25
+2 Projectiles 35
Spell deals a Random damage type with each casting 20