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Engagement occurs any time a character attacks an enemy with a melee weapon at close range. As soon as the attacker gets close enough, he or she will Engage.

  • When a character is first Engaged, he or she will stop moving.
  • The character is free to move away at any time, but doing so provokes a Disengagement Attack (an instant attack by the engaging enemy that occurs regardless of Recovery).
  • If characters break Engagement, they have a limited amount of time before the enemy they Disengaged can attempt to re-Engage.
  • Generally, a character can only Engage one other character in combat. Some Talents can increase this number, and some active Abilities can make it impossible for a character to be Engaged by anyone.


  • Some afflictions make it impossible for a character to Engage an enemy. Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, and Stunned all automatically drop Engagement and can be used to get out of trouble.
  • Engagement can be used together with Taunting abilities to earn free attacks on enemies.