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Elixir of Quickness
Potion brown L.png
Effect+1 Quickness
ValueCopper rings. One copper ring equals 1/100 of a bronze ring. 20
Additional characteristics

Elixir of Quickness is an item in Tyranny.


The Elixir of Quickness improves the imbiber's natural combat and spellcasting speed. The formula stems from Kyros' years spent subjugating the northern continent. The Overlord's forces clashed with a rebellious mountain tribe, whose tactics elegantly depended upon rushing downhill to face the enemy, maintaining the high ground at any cost. Kyros' forces grew keen to the strategy and littered the enemy's approach with trenches, pits, and caltrops. When the tribe eventually submitted, they revealed that their prowess came from a shaman-brewed potion that sped up reaction time. Running downhill was just an old trick to build up courage. The army was happy to appropriate the recipe for their own use, and it has proven a critical asset in every subsequent campaign.