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Edict of Stone leeches magical energy from the sky and living creatures, storing it in the rocks below. This energy can lead to earthquakes and the slow petrification of the living.


  • A stone curse plagues the region. Blood, flesh, and nature begin to harden over time, causing petrification and slowed movement. The Edict lowers the potency of magic in the area and weakens the Bane.
  • Tremors and earthquakes plague the region. Periodic rumbles and shifting cause characters to fall Prone in combat. All character have Stone Magic skill increased. The party gains an increase to Prone defense, while foes have Prone durations increased.
  • Howling winds echo through the canyons of the Stone Sea, driving Beastmen mad from the constant echoes. Movement becomes difficult for all those in the area and defenses are lowered for foes. The Fatebinder's party benefits from an increased Dodge and Parry while in the storm.
  • Rain of corrosive acid falls from the sky. All characters have their armor reduced and have chaotic elemental damage added to their attacks. The party gains a corrosive damage effect on their attacks, while enemies have their weapons corroded, reducing attack damage.


  • In the last year of Kyros' conquest, when the Archon Cairn rebelled against the Overlord's rule, an Edict was proclaimed upon the realm of Azure: 'To preserve Our Peace, the promise of safety to our citizens, all Archons must submit to Our will. Any Archon who refuses proper Submission must be brought to justice. Therefore, let the foundations of Azure be shattered and life drain from the land while the traitor Cairn draws breath.' With this Edict, Azure became known as the Stone Sea.