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Edict of Fire brings the energy of Fire to large regions of the world. This generates incredible heat - sometimes Flame - as well as strengthening the powers of magic.


  • Tiny pools of lava and molten magma begin to peek out of the broken earth in and around the land. Volatile lava traps hazard the area. The party receives a reduction to Fire damage and all characters have their magic skill increased. Bane in the area are empowered.
  • Exhausting desert like heat withers the region and dries up all natural sources of water. All characters have their magic skill increased. The Fatebinder's party also heals a portion of Frost damage received and consumables are far more effective. Foes become Fatigued and have a penalty to Quickness.
  • Steam jets periodically out of porous pockets in the earth and canyons in the region. Rivers, lakes, and other sources of water are heated to a near boiling temperature. All characters have their Resolve penalized and their magic skills increased. Bane in the area become more powerful and afflictions caused by the Fatebinder's party last longer. Water and steam burn both allies and foes.
  • Black ash and wisps of tiny orange embers litter the air, aimlessly floating and drifting about. All characters in the region are imbued with an increase in magic skill and a greater increase in Control Fire skill. The party gains an increase to Burn damage that is dealt and all melee attacks from party members apply a small amount of Burn damage.


  • In the year 430 TR, Kyros the Overlord proclaimed an Edict over the Vellum Citadel in the Contested Lands: 'It is Our most solemn duty to protect the citizens of Our Empire from all dangers, including the danger of Knowledge that is Forbidden. Let those who, in their burning arrogance, hold tightly to this lore be consumed by Our wrath. Therefore, let the fires of Terratus rise up and consume them for as long as forbidden knowledge lies within the heart of the Vellum Citadel.' With this Edict, the Citadel became known as the Burning Library.