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Edict of Execution kills all in a designated area if the conditions specified in the Edict are not met.


  • The Overlord has decreed that all in the valley on Kyros' Day of Swords shall die unless Kyros' representative holds Ascension Hall. Note that it's perfectly possible to rest until after Kyros' Day of Swords before the Edict is pronounced. In this case, the Edict will function as intended, except the Execution date will be set a year away. The Overlord did not specify the year, after all.


  • In the year 431 TR, The Overlord Kyros proclaimed an Edict over Vendrien's Well: "Those who defy Our just and lawful Order are traitors to Our Empire. Those who fail in their duty to bring justice to traitors are, in Our eyes, equally treasonous. Let Our armies prove their good faith by retaking Vendrien's Well from those who defy Our Will. Unless Our representative holds the Hall of Ascension on Our Day of Swords, all in the valley of Vendrien's Well shall perish."

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Master of Ascension (Act I).jpg Master of Ascension (Act I) Lay claim to Ascension Hall in Kyros' name, ending the Overlord's Edict of Execution.