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Edgering ruins is a location in Tyranny.


Edgering Ruins is nestled within Apex's western range, serving as the gateway into Vendrien's Well. After the devastation brought to the fort by Archon Cairn in 429 TR, the area became little more than a transit hub thanks to the Road of Victory, lined with the bodies of those who defy Kyros' will. However, Kyros' forces have recently transformed it into a full garrison to ward off insurgents desperate to leave the Well. The area is dominated by a monument to the late Queen Lycaerus, weeping what seems like blood.

Points of interest[]

  • This is the starting location for Tyranny. You always begin in the upper left corner, sealed in by Kyros' magic with an Edict in tow.
  • Talk to Aurora to get your bearings, then head down the road to confront your first enemy: a Sun Soldier of Vendrien Guard. Hang back and go south to reach a small ridge camp. With Athletics 10, you can climb down and gain the Battle-Worn Torc.
  • The boulder in your way can be moved with Athletics 30, eliminating one of the enemies below. Further down the path is Verse. Talk to her and either recruit or dismiss her to the camp, based on preference.
  • Down below, you find Tarkis Demos and run into Mocking Blaze.
  • After the Vendrien commander is taken down, a Crescent Runner will report that the rebels managed to take his commander hostage. If you have Athletics 30, you can save Drastus, otherwise he will die. Then, decide the fate of Tarkis Demos and proceed to leave and meet the Archons.
  • If you are leaving, take a walk outside the southern wall. The rope at the end leads to a locked chest that contains a Sigil of Proximate Action.
The return in Act III
  • You return here during Never Free, to procure a gallon of royal blood for peeling Barik's shell. The area is infested with a variety of Bane and has minor loot. To get the goods, you need to get to the other side of the keep (near the bowl) and then use Athletics 63 to leap the gap or use Barik to toss you or make a bridge.


Scarlet Chorus
Vendrien Guard



Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
A Slow Death.jpg A Slow Death Have Tarkis Demos executed in Edgering Ruins.