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Echocall Crossing is a location in Act I of Tyranny.


Echocall Crossing is a village situated along one of the narrow sections of the Matani River. It is the main route into the heart of the valley, and possesses two highly-defensible bridges. Many settlers in the area are believed to be directly assisting the rebel effort.

Points of interest[]


  • Antio and Bitter Quip stand by the entrance, arguing.
  • The little cul-de-sac near the abandoned house has four corpses to loot and two crates (one of which is hidden). Loot!
  • The passageway between the two rocks contains three traps. Use scouting mode (Alt) to disarm.
  • Once you gain access to the other side of the river, after distracting the enemy captain, make note of the container by the drawbridge to update Forge-Bound Iron. Another crate bearing the Disfavored shipping marks is by the house right next to the area transition.


  • The rather chaotic village is a linear affair. On your way to Matani, swing by the northern corner to pick up a pair of Liberating Handwraps or Hardy Headgear (random spawn).
  • The central plaza will see Sybil sic more of her men on you. Head towards the rooftops to find and dispose of her. After she's gone, Old Man Mua will appear near the wagon in the center. Open the door to his home nearby to find the ingots for the Forge-Bound Iron quest.


Vendrien Guard


  • Random magic item inside the village, in a hidden box in the northern corner, under the awning.
  • Sigil of Atrophy: Hidden in a rock in a small alcove, at the bottom-left corner of the map.