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Eb is one of the companions. Eb is a member of an order of mages that study manipulation of water in all its forms, as well as spells that harness the pull of the moons, or that focus the light of the moon Terratus Grave into searing rays, and an ardent opponent of Kyros' occupation.[1]


Born Hazen Levenja, Eb was born to a noble family descended from Hazen Rabban, one of the founding magistrates of Ardent. Her mother was a magistrate of Arden, father admiralty. Although she dreamed of being a marine and cracking skulls on the high seas. Alas, she was given to the School of Tides as a way of forging a political alliance between Haven and the School, on orders from her father. She earned her nickname in the early years, although the name has ignoble origins: It was coined by Master Folvax, after Levenja misspelled the word 'ebb'. He insisted on it, as he also considered the young Tidecaster to be a, quote, cynical little shit that always sees the ebb, never the flow, unquote. She continued her studies, eventually proving that she belonged with the mages and became one of the school's most capable sorcerers. She had a happy personal life as well, marrying Pelox Adenos in 410.[2]

The pair had three children: The twins Drevenor and Lorma, and a third son, Acamas. While Aldenos would have liked more, Eb said no. Trials at the School of Tides relied on the use of lethal magics and the closer she got to the end of her training, the more dangerous did they get. They would be positively lethal to a child in the womb. Shortly before the war, after the children grew up and found their own trades, Eb and Aldenos toured the Tiers, visiting her husband's homeland of Apex, sailing around Five Wives and Sunder... Before Kyros invaded. Answering the call to battle, both Eb and Aldenos fought at the Gates of Judgment. Her husband, slowed down by age, fell in combat, with Eb witnessing his end.[3] Worse yet, both of her twins were lost during the battle, one ran through by a Disfavored spear, the other disappearing.[4]

This was merely the opening act of the ruin of her life. Though their magic made them formidable in battle, the School of Tides devoted their efforts to the study of the arts and cornering trade along the coasts. While these efforts gave the school prestige and acceptance, they’ve also turned the school into a peaceful order, one unready for war. Kyros’ conquest of the Tiers would take several years of war through the mountains, but the School of Tides were defeated with ease. Before the first Disfavored or Scarlet Chorus troops crossed into the Tiers, agents of Kyros sent threats to Occulted Jade, Archon of Tides and the school’s founder and guardian. Unwilling to bow and unwilling to fight, Occulted Jade fled, taking nearly all of her disciples across the sea to parts unknown. Only four Tidecasters remained behind to fight, and of them, Eb was the youngest.[1]

Having lost her husband, children, home, school, and realm to the war, Eb’s life is now little more than battle and living on the run. With the death of her three mentors, Eb is also the last of her kind. Proud to have been born unbowed to Kyros but unburdened by the delusion that she has any chance of winning, Eb now wages her own war against the invaders, rallying to whatever band of Tiersmen is still willing to fight against the seemingly limitless might of Graven Ashe, the Voices of Nerat, and their legions of soldiers. Though she knows true victory is impossible, that won’t stop her from slaying as many of the foreign invaders as she can on her way out.[1]


This character is a party member.
This character trains skills. Regular trainers can train skills up to 75.

Eb teaches the Sigil of Terratus

This character is involved in quests.

The Battle of Echocall Crossing
Assault on the Citadel

This character has other interactions.

Eb will be encountered trying to negotiate a prisoner exchange.
At Bastard's Wound, Eb will have unique lines with Wagstaff.


  • She is encountered during Act I in Vendrien's Well, and her attitude is greatly influenced by your Conquest choices. The first encounter with her takes place during the world map travel after the Disfavored camp, attempting to negotiate an exchange of prisoners: Tarkis Demos (if he's alive) for five Choirmen. With Tales from the Tiers, you can also exchange questions with her, learning a good deal about The Tiers in the process. However, Barik and Verse does not appreciate you talking so much to a rebel; weigh your options carefully.
  • Eb can be recruited during Act I on the Rebel path, during The Oathbreakers.
  • If not on the Rebel path, she is then fought at the Ascension Hall and is a powerful support mage. Once she's subdued, you have the option of accepting her unconditional fealty (a major Loyalty boost if you accept it without reservation) or executing her (by attempting to teach the Tidecaster how to fly).

Combat role[]

See Eb talents for a complete breakdown of Eb's talents.

Eb is a Tidecaster, with two Talent trees: Gravelight and Tidecasting. She's designed to be a heavily customizable mage, capable of both controlling large crowds of enemies on the battlefield and locking down entire frontlines, while speeding up and buffing allies (Tidecasting), as well as directly attacking foes up close, using Gravelight to manipulate and debuff single foes with a much greater degree of flexibility.

Other interactions[]

  • With Loyalty 2, you can learn of her personal life and the fates of her family. With Loyalty 3, she will explain that her losses stripped her of the ability to feel pain anymore - and with Lore 45 you can learn that she actually channels all the rage and hatred into her spell casting. Hate is, as she says, akin to an acid. A poison of the heart that consumes from within. As a Tidecaster, she knows how to harness these. Surges and dry spells of emotion are no different than the rhythms of the waves and both exist to be tamed. All of her emotions are humors to be pushed, kneaded, and restrained as the situation demands.
  • After completing Act II, she will talk with you about your newfound status as Archon (promising she'd be the Archon of Fecund Fluids if given the chance). Note that noting it's good that she's sworn to you gains Fear with her.
  • With the Bastard's Wound DLC, she gains an opportunity to create an artifact staff (Wave's Crest).


  • Eb appreciates capable ways and compassion.
    • She likes when Barik pipes up about the superiority of the Northerners to the Tiersmen during the conversation with Graven Ashe at the Iron Hearth and you shut him down.
    • She appreciates trust; telling her that she doesn't need your permission to study the Mysterious Device delivers a major boost to loyalty and major reduction to Fear.
    • Talk to her about the history of the Tiers while Kills-in-Shadow is present. When Killsy corrects her about the settlement of the Tiers, point out that Eb forgot about the Beasts.
    • Talk to her about magic until she asks you about where you learned magic, then answer her question truthfully (average).
    • After being proclaimed Archon, state that you are unlike the Overlord (minor).
  • Conquest:
    • Appreciates brokering a peaceful surrender of Apex to Kyros.
    • Appreciates killing the other Tidecasters in open combat, rather than ambushing them and feeding them to Nerat.
  • Quests:
  • Dislikes strong-handed behavior and imperialist sentiments, as well as demanding, domineering ways.
    • As such, if you silence her during the conversation with Ashe at the Iron Hearth (if you bring Barik along), she will gain Fear.
  • Conquest:
    • Lure the Tidecaster elders to the Voices of Nerat (major).
    • Murder the Queen of Apex (major).
  • Quests:
    • Throwing Arri off the top of the Spire is a major, major contributor to Fear.
    • Blight the Stone Sea.



Put another way... if I could do what you do, the world would be at the mercy of my depravity, cursing the name of Eb, Archon of Fecund Fluids. Let's hope your moral sextant isn't as crooked as my own.

Behind the scenes[]

They wanted an innocent looking bikini lady that comes from a tribe of sea people (I'm sure she has more back story now).
~ Polina Hristova

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
By Our Powers Combined.jpg By Our Powers Combined Successfully use a combo ability with each Companion in the game.
Inspiring Leader.jpg Inspiring Leader Reach maximum Loyalty with a Companion.
Magnetic Personality.jpg Magnetic Personality Recruit every Companion character in the game.
Tyrant.jpg Tyrant Reach maximum Fear with a Companion.


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