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Earthshakers is a formation of the Disfavored.


Earthshakers are the magical arm of the Disfavored legion. Nominally loyal to Graven Ashe, the Earthshakers and their leader Radix truly served Cairn, Archon of Stone. It is from Cairn that they derived their magical ability to shape and manipulate the rock and soil of Terratus.[1]

When Cairn rebelled against Kyros, the Earthshakers remained with the Disfavored. Their detractors say they only stayed because they couldn't locate their Archon to join him in rebellion. Regardless of the reason, their loyalty earned them Graven Ashe's protection after the Overlord issued an Edict to destroy the rebellious Archon.[2]


The guild is hierarchic and highly meritocratic. Senior Earthshakers, entitled to wear the Earth Crusted Pendants, are veteran war mages and experienced scholars, who devoted their careers to the study and harnessing of the Sigil of Stone and the soil.[3]



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