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Earthshaker Reinforcements is a side quest in Act I of Tyranny.


Radix Ironcore, leader of the Earthshakers, has been summoned from the Stone Sea to reinforce the Earthshakers already in the valley. However, there has been no sign of them since the valley was sealed. You agreed to investigate the last known location of these reinforcements and learn their fate.


  • Travel to the Northern Clearing to search for the Earthshaker reinforcements.
  • Explore the area for the missing Earthshakers. They are found to the north-east, surrounded by a Vendrien Guard squad, constituting of five members with one mage.
  • Talk to Helspar. Direct him to Caeveus (after gaining Disfavored favor by being understanding of the situation - or not).
  • Return to Ceveus. You will find him arguing with Helspar together with Iron Marshal Erenyos. Talk to her to complete the quest.This decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png
  • The quest fails if it is not resolved before storming the Citadel.