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Ashe bade us to bring order to the region, but we need to learn as much about his daughter as possible! I heard tell of an Unbroken fort called Duskwatch. One of our soldiers has been imprisoned there since around the time Amelia's unit went missing. I'll wager anything that if we shatter the Unbroken defensive, we'll learn more about her whereabouts.
~ Barik

Duskwatch Fort is a location in Tyranny. It is visited on a Disfavored and Rebel playthrough.


Duskwatch was one of several forts hastily constructed by the Unbroken in response to Kyros' conquest of the Tiers. Due to its position near Stalwart's coasts, it escaped destruction from Kyros' magical storms, while the spirited crew of the fort ensured it remained locked up against the forces of Kyros. It is now one of the few remaining rebel outposts in Stalwart.

Points of interest[]

  • Head up the path to meet a Crescent Runner of the Disfavored. He will direct you east to Commander Osmios. He's standing east with his troops.
  • You'll automatically rest until nightfall. Sneak into Duskwatch to free Callias. Entering the fort can be a challenge.
    • With Athletics 40, you can knock down the eastern wall. This is actually the stealthy option.
    • At the north-eastern tip, you can use Athletics 36 to jump over the fence, right into the middle of an Unbroken tea party.
    • Subterfuge 45 allows you to crawl under the fence in the northern part of the fort, into the archery range and straight into combat.
  • The fort is crawling with Unbroken troops. A cheap way to draw them out is to attack enemy troops through openings in the walls and firing ports, allowing you to cheese them out one by one.