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Drastus is a character in Tyranny.


Red-headed commander of the Disfavored garrison at Edgering ruins, Drastus made the mistake of tangling with one of the best Vendrien swordsmen.


This character is involved in quests.

Welcome to Ruin


  • Welcome to Ruin: Saving Drastus requires some skill, as:
    • Rushing Tyrel will earn wrath with Disfavored, as he will kill the Commander (unless you have Athletics 30 or more). This decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png
    • If you killed the Queen during the Conquest or negotiated a peaceful settlement, you can taunt him into attacking you or persuade him into giving up the knife. In both instances, he'll be slaughtered by the Disfavored.This decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.pngThis decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png
    • Chewing the Disfavored out for violating the promise of safety if Tyrel gave up the knife will earn Wrath with the Disfavored and Favor with the Chorus.This decision incurs WrathSymbol disfavored.png
  • If Drastus lives, he will produce intel indicating the Vendrien guard is recruiting people for an uprising.