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Disfavored supply cache
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General data
TypeSupply cache
Part ofBlade Grave
Unique lootImbued Rod of Strength

Disfavored supply cache is a location in Tyranny. It is unlocked if during Marching on Empty you side with the Disfavored in Stalwart and have the Chorus thieves spiked. It is unlocked by Jacomus at the Rust Canyons.


During the Conquest, you ordered that Chorus thieves be spiked for stealing Disfavored supplies. Jacomus revealed that this was one of the locations, which doubled as a supply cache with built-in deterrence.

Points of interest[]

This small area is surrounded by Chorus corpses on spikes. Approach the western inlet to confront Hordesmen from the Chorus. Kill them. Loot the area to find jewels in the hidden sack in the center and the Imbued Rod of Strength on the impaled Blood Chanter.