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Disfavored camp is a location in Act I of Tyranny.


This fort was constructed shortly after routing rebels along the valley's western edge. The Archon, Graven Ashe, directs all Disfavored efforts from this location.

Points of interest[]

This is a major Disfavored camp set up to organize the Archon's forces for the quelling of the rebellion.

  • Talk to Sterling Hagnon by the entry point to get a chance to settle a dispute and earn a merchant at (well, outside) the camp.
  • The pair of guards at the entrance are an opportunity to earn free Favor with the Disfavored - just salute them the Disfavored way.
  • In the center is Pentibor and his wares. Behind him stands Bitter Quip of the Chorus.
  • Down the right-hand path is the forge and Isotanis, who provides the Forge-Bound Iron quest.
  • To the north lies the Archon tent. Marcus and Lucia stand watch nearby.
After proclaiming Kyros' Edict, new actions are available.
After completing the objectives in the outer valley and at Echocall, there are a number of new points of interest on the map.
  • A Hordesman is accosted by the entrance by a quartet of Disfavored soldiers. You can get involved and find out that the Horde member stole an iron helmet from the Disfavored, a special kind of helmet issued only to commanders and veterans. You can:
    • Inspect the helmet and hand it over to the DisfavoredThis decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png, take it for yourself This decision incurs WrathSymbol disfavored.pngThis decision incurs wrathSymbol scarletchorus.png, or give it back. With the appropriate Conquest choice, you can inform the gathering that the helmet is a Disfavored veteran's relic This decision grants FavorSymbol tunon.png, after which a Disfavored soldier pays the Hordesman a pair of bronze rings.
    • Order the Disfavored to pay a fair price, based on the law of spoils.This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png
    • Order the Hordesman to sell the helmet for one copper ring and settle the matter.This decision grants FavorSymbol tunon.png
    • Order the Hordesman to give the helmet to the Disfavored.This decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png
  • Another situation unveils near the sparring grounds, where a Stone Shield argues with a Hordesman over who should own a blade. The former Vendrien housemember lost his falx to a Stone Shield during the fight. He has to secure a proper weapon. The Stone Shield doesn't want to give the falx back. You can:
    • Judge the falx a war trophy and have the Stone Shield retain it.This decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.pngThis decision incurs wrathSymbol scarletchorus.png
    • Order it returned based on Graven Ashe's decree on proper rationing (retaining the falx would be a misuse of resources).This decision incurs WrathSymbol disfavored.pngThis decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.pngThis decision grants FavorSymbol tunon.png You can gain additional Loyalty with Verse and This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png if you mention to the Hordesman that the strong lead in the Chorus and he shouldn't expect a Fatebinder to fight his wars.
    • Order the Stone Shield to give a proper alternative to the falx to the Hordesman.This decision grants FavorSymbol tunon.pngThis decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png
    • Claim it for yourself, er, the Court, as an artifact of a conquered people.This decision incurs WrathSymbol disfavored.pngThis decision incurs wrathSymbol scarletchorus.pngThis decision grants FavorSymbol tunon.png