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Deya is a character in Tyranny.


A stone-faced blonde woman living at Lethian's Crossing with her wife. She met Phaedra at Bastard City. The two lived in the City until the invasion of the Tiers began. After a bought of travelling with various caravans, the two settled back at Lethian's Crossing. While Phaedra has no real issue with the Bronze Brotherhood, Deya hates them with a passion.


This character starts quests.

A Widow's Revenge


  • A Widow's Revenge: Following the taking of the Magebane, Deya pleads with you to help her. Her wife, Phaedra, was killed by a Brotherhood mercenary called Sandro. She asks you for revenge. You can use Lore a number of times to ensure she speaks the truth, then promise to find the killer - or just ignore the widow. Of course, truth is always complex: Deya hated Phaedra and only married her to seize control of the Crossing.