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Deserter's March is a location in Tyranny.


These forests are infrequently traveled, as its dense undergrowth and unpredictable elevation changes discouraged the formation of roads. This became an asset to various dissidents and deserters that sought travel away from watchful eyes, and ultimately lent this wilderness its name.

The Bronze Brotherhood have operated in this area in the past, but Deserter's March is a vast stretch of wilderness. Before traveling here, you'll need to identify a section with known Brotherhood activity.

Points of interest[]

  • A pair of Bronzemen stands to the west of your entry point. Executed Brotherhood soldiers have been lined up here, along with a small pile of gear, satchels and rings. The bodies carry the Mysterious Missive.
  • Straight ahead is a rock formation, at the foot of which you will find the Coward's Contingency.
  • A pair of dead Disfavored scouts is in the center of the area, on the elevated plateau. They carry the Crude Map.
  • Nikandros and the Forge-Bound Shipment can be found to the east.
  • In the northwest, you'll find Kalea. Her status is dependent on who was left in charge of Lethian's Crossing during the Conquest.
    • If the Brotherhood was left in charge, she'll be dead and you can loot her body.
    • Otherwise, she'll be alive and is the focus of Blind Ambition.


  • Locke and Myrek are found in the center of the area, by a large pond.
  • Nikandros is found to the east.